Colleges and schools in Peru

We manufacture marble and granite memorial plaques, computerized recordings in low relief. Attend universities, colleges, schools, businesses and the general public.

Inversiones Armebo s.r.l.

We manufacture marble and granite memorial plaques, computerized recordings in low relief. attend universities, colleges, schools, businesses and the general public. Good prices are manufacturers.
Jr. San Francisco 641
Rpte: Lazaro Henry Gonzales Leon

La Casa de los Títeres

We are an excellent choice to celebrate with children, about us and contact us.
- Surco - Lima - Peru

Primary education in Peru
Basic education School offers Christian counseling, education on spiritual values??, system A beka book and English, plus dance classes. ...

Colegio Alternativo Talentos

Av. Larco 433 - La Merced - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Lucía Pérez de Celi

Asociacion Promotora Cultural Jhon F. Kennedy"

Educative association, for charity I group a series of companies.
Jr. Abraham Valdelomar N° 841 - Jesús de Nazareno - Ayacucho - Peru

IEPr Carrusell

Inital (Optimist Project) and Primary School
We are located in the country near the city.
We also offer dance, horse back riding and theater.
Fundo El Carmen - Av. Hoyos Rubio - Km. 3 - Cajamarca - Peru
Rpte: Milagros Arce de Herrera

Jardines de infancia en los Estados Unidos -
Cuna jardin guarderia RD1778 trabajamos mas de 10 años con 12 niños por salon...

Institutes in Peru
The Alliance Française de Lima is a cultural non-profit, 120 years dedicated to the teaching of the French language, the dissemination of French culture and...

Grupo Educativo Promedio 21

Provide high-level academic service at the primary school, pre-university students who apply exclusively to the science and engineering.
Av. Pacifico i-52 - Chiclayo - Peru

DPI Empresarial

Badges in plastic pvc card includes belt holder does not need badges for schools, colleges or companies.
- Lima - Peru

Colegio Sir Alexander Fleming

Av. América Sur 3701 - Trujillo - Peru

Private tuition in Peru
Especilaizaciones graduates and, with the National University of Trujillo and the National University Enrrique Guzmán y Valle "La Cantuta" programs for teachers, health area, management,...

Psychologists in Peru
Children (learning problems), adults, couples therapy, family therapy. ...

Colegio La Pontificia de Chiclayo

Integra a network of schools of the pontifical educative partnership & Newton sac.
Av. Panamá Nº 1300 - Chiclayo - Peru

C.E.P Gasparín

Cradle, initial, primary and day-care center.
Av. El Carmen 587 San Roque - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

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