ADN Solutions - Pruebas y Consultoria en ADN

ADN Solutions - Pruebas y Consultoria en ADN

Calle Torres Paz 599, 1°Piso - Chiclayo - Chiclayo (Centro) - Chiclayo - Perú

DNA Paternity Testing Center

Counseling in Forensic Genetics, DNA Testing,
Paternity-Maternity Tests-Detection of Baby Change.
Postgraduate Studies in Univ. Trujillo UNT
Postgraduate Studies at Univ. San Agustín UNSA
AABB certification (authorization of DNA Laboratories).
Members of the Latin American Soc. Of Forensic Genetics SLAGF,
Members of the International Soc. Of Forensic Geneticists ISFG, Legal Validity.
Specialized Attention Of Collegiate And Qualified Biologists.
Resolution of Complex Cases Through DNA.
Extensive Professional Experience in the attention of Private and Anonymous Judicial Cases.
Advanced Technology STR Multiplex PCR Multicapillary Electrophoresis - Genetic Sequencer ABI 310 - 3500
Attention throughout Peru: Chiclayo, Piura, Cajamarca, La Libertad, Trujillo, Chepen, Bagua, Chachapoyas, Ancash, Chimbote, Lima, Arequipa, Moquegua, Tacna, Amazonas, Bagua, Chachapoyas, Moyobamba, Tarapoto, Yurimaguas, Huánuco, Pasco , Junín, Huancayo, Huancavelica, Ayacucho, Huamanga, Apurimac, Abancay, Cusco, Puno, Iquitos, Ucayali, Coronel Portillo, Pucallpa, Puerto Maldonado


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