Comunidad Terapéutica Cristiana "Luz y Salvación

Casa Huerta San Juan Bosco Mz F Lote 20-23 Santa Eulalia, altura del paradero Bata - Lurigancho - Lima - Perú

Problems with drugs?

Forgotten people you love? feel you have lost control ?, consuming drugs and alcohol consumption impairs their relationship in family and work ?, believed to have hit bottom and need help ?, tried out but failed?

We will provide the support you need !!

No physical, moral or psychological abuse. Treatment of addictions, drugs, alcohol, snuff, games, misconduct. Medical, psychological, psychiatric, therapeutic and pastoral consultation with a multidisciplinary team.
Royals personalized treatment alternatives. Interview free evaluation.
The treatment program includes the closest relatives.
We are a private institution legally constituted registered in the public records No. 12797860, registered in sunat ruc No. 20547097492, recognized by RENAES (national register of health) and subject to normativi


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