Esmetalic SAC

Esmetalic SAC

Mz O Lote 5 Parque Industrial el Asesor - Ate - Lima - Perú

Nextel:(98) 149*9206
Rpte: Eduardo N.
Manufacturers structures for storage and metal furniture in general, we have the solution to implement your office, warehouse and others.

- Lockers, cloakroom lockers. From 1 to 25 gates

- Locker with veneers and security keys

- Shelves slotted angles.

- Heat pumps with rudder and handle

- Simple metal gondolas, double, look photo murals.

- Cargo Racks light medium and heavy

- Cantilever Pipe

- Filing cabinets, cupboards, planotecas.

- Repair and repainting of shelves

We have experience, quality, warranty and punctuality.

We are your best solution to your requirement.


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