Ingenieria, Comercio y Ejecucion

Jr. Los Pinos 155 - Urb. Los Pinares - Los Olivos - Lima - Perú

Rpte: Juan Carlos Leiva Infante
Engineer with solid experience in water studies and saneamineto, highways, construction.
Advising and supervision ground works, study with laying of foundations aims.
Within the services that we can offer this to him the development of projects. In a joint and coordinated work, architects and engineers design the distribution of atmospheres to taste of the client soon to develop the specialties. The project is designed on the basis of the Practical standardses of Peru.
In addition we can offer the services to him of: Construction, procedure of licenses of construction according to the effective legislation of Peru, among others.


Supervision y Gestion de Proyectos
Supervicion de Edificaciones
Supervicion de Carreteras
Supervicion de inversiones en obras privadas

Estudio de suelos con fines de cimentacion y Geotecnia
Estudio Mecanica de suelos con fines de cimentacion.
Trabajos de perforaciones diamantinas

Estudios geotecnicos

Ejecucion de obras
Construccion de edificios completos
Construccion de agua y sanemaiento
Construccion de carreteras anivel de afirmado y asfalto

Expedientes Tecnicos
Perfil Tecnico SNIP
Expedientes Tecnicos

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