Meistagas S.A.

Av. Los Ciruelos 646,
Primera etapa de Canto Grande. - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Perú

RPM/RPC:# 641 380
Rpte: Zósimo Machado G.

Meistagas S. A. designs and manufactures its bloqueras vibro machines for the production of bricks and blocks all types of pre-mixed concrete ecological, a practical, simple and cost, for making bricks, concrete and other pre mixed derivatives which can be produced in anywhere in the country.

Have your people and your people live better, with the construction process, with its own bricks, your home will look better, at a very low price, and also for pedestrian infrastructure, sanitation and a series of articles for finishes construction.

Advantages. - Are stronger, cheaper, easier to produce accurate measurements, sleek designs with less investment than conventional mud.

Most importantly, are completely organic.

Help protect the environment!, Avoid global warming!,

is everyone.


Vibro bloquera de Tarimas

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