Metalurgica D.C.

Urb. Alameda del Norte Mz D-3 Lote 16 - Puente Piedra - Lima - Perú

Manufacture of furnaces and machines of smelting by continuous casting
consultation, design and manufacture of smelting furnaces by continuous casting (for the nonferrous metal smelting: To, Cu, bronze, brass, etc) for the manufacture of bars, bushings, plates, iron straps, platinas, alambr?n as well as the consultation in the nonferrous smelting.
Manufacture of smelting furnaces to gas, diesel engine, acpm or induction type channel of LF.
Additive manufacture and import of smelting for nonferrous metals: flux and ferrous rust-removers (powerful calcium boride rust-remover for copper and alloys), desgasificantes (tablets), (boron: used to give hardenability to the steel).
Service of smelting by continuous casting of aluminum and duralumin (blocks, I sweep, plates, alambron, bushings etc) (aluminum, receives, brass, bronze)


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