Producciones Koko

Jr. Cuzco 3256 - San Martín de Porres - Lima - Perú

Rpte: Jorge Luis Cori Barrantes

We are the funniest and ingenious infantile show with many contests, novel and original, invited globes, dances and personages? those that your you know! Infantile Maquillaje, multicoloured chicoteca, lights and many surprises more!
We offer: Show of live Barney: original voice to the TV.
Show of Lazy Town: interpreted by a gymnast.
Show of Power Ranger forces mystic: with acrobats.
Show of Place live Sesame: with the voices of all the personages
Show of Backyardigans: a fonomimico show, preparation so that they dance and they sing his better songs.
The world of elmo live: it sings, it dances and it interacts with the children.
Show of live Spiderman: interpreted by 2 acrobats, (violence is not used)
HI5: interpreted by 5 boys who dance and sing with the children, we also used the 2 puppets.
Baby?s princess: interpreted by very pretty children (to see Web)
We also count on show like: Fresita, Doki, Pocoyo, Thomas, Yei yei, Transformers.


lazy town en vivo
lazy town en vivoShow de Lazy Town: Interpretado por un Gimnasta.

backyardigansShow de Backyardigans: un show fonomimico, preparado para que bailen y canten sus mejores canciones.

decoraciones integrales
decoracionesglobos, ambientacion del local

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