Puertas Seccionales Adelti

Puertas Seccionales Adelti

Coop.de Viv. Sta Apolonia MZ L - Lote 9 Los Olivos - Lima - Perú

Rpte: Alejandro de la Cruz
WWW http://www.adelti.com
Raisable doors to remote control Adelti offer the service of sale and installation of automatizadores for doors from industrial and residential garage to remote control, sectional doors _ raisable doors _ sliding doors _ beating doors. Immediate delivery with guarantee of a year.
Automatizadores in Lift mark Masters, Garen, Power Gate, Dea, Is etc., as well as replaced and accessory of installation as they are sectional systems, raisable, sliding, beating, means for raisable doors, means for sectional doors in variety.
Manufacture of doors in the different models and finished types from wood with fine, metallic doors and structures of all type to taste and order of the client.
Installation of electrical walls and internal alarms.
Sales, facilities, repairs and maintenances.
attention and shipments at national level.
We accept all the credit cards.



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