Seinmec S.A.C.

Prolongacion Cusco 235, Of. 109 - San Miguel - Lima - Perú

Telephone:51 1 713 9440
51 1 713 9441
Cellphone:9 9639 6453
We are a company with long years of experience in the industrial market through our associates in the import, commercialization and maintenance of machinery for the industries mining, fishing and of construction.

between the products that we offer for the sector construction and miner we have equipment for concrete sent (shotcrete), termofusion of polythene pipes, machinery for civil works, track drills, mining lamps, tyre and hydraulic drills, etc.

within our activities we also offer progressive maintenance services, preventive and corrective of mining, nourishing industrial plants, of the plastic branch, fishing and metallurgicals industry/.

we furthermore offer service of dealers, concerning machinery from any country of new or used origin, according to the requirement of the user.


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