Mónika el ángel de la luz

Av. Las Lomas 323, urb. Las Lomas - La Molina - Lima - Perú

Telephone:01 3654114
01 3649571

Reading of old Egyptian tarot, of 78 letters, where it analyzes by means of the date of birth and the interpretation (life, fortune, brothers, parents, family - inheritance, health, marriage - even, shade - damage - witchcraft, study - business - work - amistades, enemistades - fataldidades.), becomes tracking by means of the photo, or writing, interpretation of dreams, can ask what wishes the person, but 22 additional questions, for 1 hour of game by the 100 cost of soles.se dara the suitable advice to neutralize the Spanish negativo.lectura of naipes, 48 letters, and 52cartas, but 10 additional questions, for one hour of game by the cost of 80 suns like game predictivo.limpieza of the dawn and treatment with the energy at the time of the reading, to classes of Egyptian tarot and Spanish letters occur 20 suns cda classes minimal two hours, are realised computerized astral letters, explanation, analysis, and impression fastened with rings by the cost of 100 suns and gift a talisman.


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